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E-Learning Salesforce Case Study

Client’s Challenge

A leading worldwide provider of e-learning solutions was looking for ways to manage and execute their customer support activities more effectively. The client also needed to revamp its customer engagement strategy—and deliver a personalized and efficient customer support experience across all of its channels. The client needed to provide personalized service after customers purchased their products to ensure that customers were successful using their product and, at the same time, identify opportunities for up selling and cross selling. They required a 360 degree view of their customers activities.

Client’s Needs

  • 360 degree view of the customer
  • Provide seamless support across the different support channels
  • Improve knowledge sharing of best practices within the support team
  • Identify opportunities to up-sell and cross sell clients
  • Create customer community and execute strategy for better customer engagement

CRM Ahoy’s Solution

  • We implemented a customer portal that enabled clients to create cases, live chat with agents, browse the knowledge base and interact with other customers
  • We implemented a Salesforce Service Cloud with automated workflows
  • Automated workflows provided the following functionality: Automated case routing/assignment & escalation, automated surveys sent out to clients upon case closure and automated messaging when a case moves through the various statuses
  • We implemented Salesforce Communities, an avenue for customers to interact among themselves, discuss the various product offerings and to place enhancement requests for desired future features
  • Create a framework to better engage with its community and customers
  • We provided customized support processes for the different products purchased
  • SLAs were assessed and a roadmap presented to reduce bottlenecks

Impact On Client’s Business

  • Upon implementation of the portal, the customer perception of the client improved
  • Improved internal support processes and functionality improved closure rate for cases by 13%
  • Customer satisfaction rating for the client improved by 18%
  • Case deflection from the customer portal increased by 11%
  • Support managers view, manage and run their teams using the support metrics that we configured for them

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