Salesforce Consulting Consulting for Socrates
Salesforce Consulting Consulting for Socrates Connected

Salesforce Consulting for Socrates

Socrates Connected provides high quality online courses and programs, delivered by top level faculty members from the most prestigious institutions, in Spanish and culturally aligned to the student’s requirements.
Our Salesforce Consulting Consulting for Socrates
Our Salesforce Consulting Implementation for Socrates

What We Did

  • Integrated Salesforce with website & Facebook for lead capture
  • Integrated Salesforce with marketing automation tool - Marketo
  • Designed the Marketing & Sales process within Salesforce
  • Configured Salesforce to allow pipeline of opportunities management
  • Setup a partner management portal for resellers
  • Setup a customer portal for providing support


  • Socrates realized a better ROI on its marketing campaigns
  • Socrates was able to reduce operational costs by 25%

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